Be Brave.  Be Bold.  Be Badass.

Work with Me.  Transform Your Practice.


Have you heard yourself say this all too often about your current practice?  

“I’m too smart for this sh*t.  There has to be a better way?”   

 My answer to you, “Yup. There sure is.  And I can show you!”

 Pull Your $h*t Together™ is a strategic process to take your practice from “oh hell no” to high-end in 6 months.  You will learn how to stop over-delivering so you can serve the right people at the right price at the highest level.

This is a program for practitioners who want to transform their life’s work into a business that gives them time and money freedom … and brings them joy.

What People Are Saying

“Paula, you have a gift for listening to people and feeling their energy.  Then you help them create a master plan.”


Your Realtor For Life!℠

“I feel so much more deeply heard and understood by you than any other coach I have worked with before”

Metaphysics Instructor

“Thank you so much for the coaching today.  I wanted you to know how helpful it was for me and how attuned you are.  You are a Total Rockstar!”


LCSW & Life Coach

“Thank you, Paula.  You are too good to be true.  I’m very grateful.”


Health Care Receptionist

“Thank you for believing in me, Paula!  You are so f*cking awesome.”


Medical Intuitive

“I really appreciate your communication style and the way you are direct and SO VERY intuitive.  Every time we talk I am more motivated and inspired!  Thank you so much.”


Animal Communication Trainer & Business Coach

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