Palace Foundation

You want to shine a spotlight on your value and your unique way of working and being in the world.  You want to feel excited every day to only be working with clients you love, and who appreciate YOU and your expertise. You want to have fun and be excited and to express your unique spirit, personality, and passion.  And you want to do all that while being of service to others, making an awesome income and building a community of support and encouragement. You, my friend, want to be a Badass Boss Lady with Your $h!t Pulled Together.  

In the Palace Foundation group events, workshops and trainings you can get a peek behind the curtain at what your business would look like once we are coaching together.  Throughout the year I offer a variety of one-day events and short trainings for groups of like-minded Boss Ladies for fun, inspiration, empowerment, and badassery.

Click the button to enter your info.  You will receive news, event updates and most importantly access to our Badass Boss Lady℠ Network facebook group where you will find a calendar of business and mindset mastery events so you can meet your fellow Badass Boss Ladies℠ .  Join the community and Pull Your $h!t Together℠. Looking forward to seeing you there!.  

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