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Hey Lady! I’m Paula Parker, Success Mindset & Confidence Coach. So you showed up here because you know there is a Badass BossLady inside of you clamoring to get out… think Shakira’s song SHE WOLF… aaoooooo!

How did I know that? I know you are a Badass BossLady ready to be unleashed on the world with an unapologetic primal scream because I too have known the frustration of feeling like I was doing ok in my life and career but also knowing in my soul that doing ok just wasn’t good enough.  There was something more I was craving to do.

I was in a career and business I worked long and hard to create and genuinely enjoyed greatly, however, I also intuitively knew something wasn’t quite right.

As a persistent self-awareness investigator, I took a step back from my 20-year career in the hands-on healing arts as a doctor or Chiropractic (DC), Massage therapist and Reiki Master for an eagle-eye view of my life and career.

I realized the best part of my work days was the time spent inspiring other women to believe in their own superpowers and encouraging them to take the world by storm like an MF’ing Rockstar!

Ever Since I was a wee, small, strong-willed Badass BossLady I knew I wanted “to have my own business and help people.” That part was actually going well. I did have a successful career and business helping people heal their bodies. As time went on it was the soul-level healing that was taking place with my female clients who were shedding old uncomfortable skins of past jobs, relationships, and lackluster mindset and transforming their minds, bodies, lives, and careers that I was finding the real depth of my own badassery. Client after client shared with me stories of how our work together was changing their bodies, minds, lives, and careers. It was those conversations where I realized what my superpower was; it’s coaching women how to recognize and embrace their soul’s work … aka their badass superpower.

You see, because of my own desire for and love of freedom, I have always lived my life on my own terms.  I have often been a maverick with a cause inspiring other women to live badass lives that they too love and enjoy. Because many of my female clients saw me living my multi-passionate life and having a successful healing business they wanted the low down on living their own rockstar lives as well. So they asked me for advice and suggestions when it came to throwing off their 9 to 5 shackles and pursuing their dreams of being healers, energy workers, fitness instructors, wellness & life coaches, yoga instructors, pole dance instructors, artists and the list goes on and on of true calling badassery. They wanted to step out onto their own stage and be a Badass BossLady.

What I realized because of their transformations? I wasn’t playing big enough and I knew we all wanted to be bigger than life. However, women are often told that we couldn’t or shouldn’t do that. I knew coaching other women to become Badass BossLadies and do their soul’s work was MY true passion. So after 20 years of a rewarding career in hands-on healing, I knew it was time to walk my talk and decided to make being a success mindset & confidence coach of badassery my full-time career.

2018 has undeniably ushered in the era of the badass woman. In other words, Badass BossLady time.  So, if you are ready to:

  • Create, run and kick ass in your own bad ass world.
  • Discover and embrace your superpower.
  • Use that power to create a Rock Star business.
  • Become a Badass BossLady who knows how to charge what she’s worth and get it.

I’d love to hear from you.  If you’d like to connect scroll down and enter your info in the contact me area.

Together let’s discover what your Badass BossLady superpower is and pull your shit together. Your audience awaits your transformation!

If you are an undercover badass wanting to create a business in the healing arts, coaching, graphic arts or fitness I’d love to be part of your journey. Or if you have had five-figure success in one of these arts, know six-figure badassery is in your future and are ready to up-level let’s have a conversation. I’m here to offer personalized help with heart and integrity.

Be Brave!  Be Bold!  Be Badass!

# of chiweenies that live with me ... it will make sense when you scroll down

# of states I have lived in

# of years in hands-on healing arts

% committed to your badass success

Fun Facts and FYI about me:

  • I’m known as The Huntress amongst my friends because I doggedly pursue my passions.
  • I’m a super proud rescue dog mom to  Artie.  He’s a Chiweenie; half chihuahua/half dachshund. His name is Artie and he likes to party. And by party I mean take long naps.  His sleep number is 55.  Yup, that’s his picture.  Those ears right??
  • My coaching style is a combination of fun, facts and figures, magic/intuition, loving-kindness and a kick in the ass when you need it … in a loving way of course!
  • Basically, I’m New Jersey through and through. I love ya AND I’m gonna tell you like it is… that’s how we PULL YOUR $H!T TOGETHER℠.
  •  My favorite fruit is organic dark chocolate … duh!
  • Seeing others WIN brings me the greatest joy.
  • I like to have fun but am very serious about your badass success.

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