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Ever noticed that many healing arts practitioners are so focused on the wellness of their clients that their own health, happiness, and financial well-being suffers greatly?

Yeah, I noticed that too … and it went double for me once upon a time in my own practice.  I was so focused on helping people that I forgot, I’m a people too!  So I set out to discover how to make my practice not only a healing oasis for my clients but also for me.  And I found it!  I found a better way to practice!

Hi I’m Dr. Paula Parker.  After years of solo, one-on-one practice in the healing arts as a Wellness Chiropractor I discovered there is a much better way to serve clients while also making myself and my financial well-being a priority.

I noticed other practitioners also wanted the keys to positive changes in mindset and increased income all while working less.  They wanted to know how they could simultaneously have both a practice and a life they loved and enjoyed.  That’s when my second career as a success mindset business coach for healing practitioners began.

I have a big vision that all heart-centered women in healing and service professions will have a renewed powerful transformation in their practices and lives with a focus on joy and abundance.

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Be Brave!  Be Bold!  Be Badass!

# of chiweenies who live with me ... it will make sense when you scroll down

# of years coaching healers to transform their businesses

# of years in hands-on healing arts

% committed to your success as a badass bosslady™ in the healing arts

Fun Facts & Some Things I Love …

Dark chocolate covered cashews …a peaceful home… black leather and blue jeans… essential oils and crystals… nature, beauty and art … Seeing others WIN brings me the greatest joy.… creating business breakthroughs with my clients… dancing while preparing meals with family … driving fast (I mean going the speed limit … wink!)… tarot and angel cards… animals, especially dogs… honesty and gratitude… hot pink… nearly every type of music… ok ok just about anything chocolate covered … lol

And I’m a super proud rescue dog mom to Artie.  He’s a Chiweenie; half chihuahua/half dachshund. His name is Artie and he likes to party. And by party I mean take long naps.  His sleep number is 55. Yup, that’s his picture. Those ears right??


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