The What I Do

The world needs healthy, happy, healing professionals and your thriving businesses to transform, heal and save lives.

I coach heart-centered women in the healing arts to get unstuck, Pull Your $h!t Together™, create time and money freedom in your businesses and relieve practice burning out!    



The Why I Do It

I take women in the healing arts VERY seriously and I’ve found a better way to practice.  My philosophy is simple, healers are too vital to our modern world to be stuck and burnt-out.  Healers must thrive so their invaluable work can flourish creating healing oases.

By the way, I consider healers to be not only those who are in wellness but also those in fitness, hands-on practice, functional medicine, emotional/psych profession, energy/spiritual work, animal care/communication, education, beauty and art — basically the women who transform lives and change the world.    

The How I Do It

As your Badass BossLady, Success Mindset & Confidence Coach we will use patented strategies proven to take you from burnout to badass in 6 months!

The Badass Goal

Stop ‘going it alone’, get unstuck, relieve practice burnout and Pull Your $h!t Together™  so you can start making more money, making a bigger impact in the lives of your ideal clients, and feel that you are aligned and on purpose with your business.


Have you heard yourself say this all too often about your current practice?  

“I’m too smart for this sh*t.  There has to be a better way?”   

 My answer to you, “Yup. There sure is.  And I can show you!”

 Pull Your $h*t Together™ is a strategic process to take your practice from “oh hell no” to high-end in 6 months.  You will learn how to stop over-delivering so you can serve the right people at the right price at the highest level.